Private Institute for Social Business Innovation

1. Entrepreneurship courses to job seeking people
I teach job-seeking people how to develop a sustainable business idea and how to write a social business plan. Of course, you can also use the basic features to develop a traditional business plan, since the methods are the same (financial planning, stakeholder analysis, marketing-mix,...).

2. Social business expertise to traditional companies.
If you want to develop a social business field or a social business company based on your own business competencies, my contribution to your ideas is scientific based knowledge, for example what already exists in the hybrid section and how your own social business could work out. Thus, developing a social business innovation within your company is my task - and how it finally becomes a sustainable part of your business activities.

3. Consultancy to cities and villages, which want to become a place of sustainability.
Different city concepts, among those are the "social business city" concept, the "fairtrade town" and the "transition town" have special focusses on sustainability issues. Also here, research based consultancy, helps your community to become more socially wealthier in the long run.

Please find some social business innovations on this plattform - and let me know about any further: