Private Institute for Social Business Innovation

You can always set up a social business on your own, please consider the three following steps:

1. Social Business Project
Develop an idea and write a social business plan for a six months project as a prestage for founding a social business. The following social business plan shall help you to develop a project:
It is meant to plan a project, if you had a budget of 2000 $. Thus, you can download it, fill it out as accurate as possible and use this plan, if you apply for a funding programme. You do not always have to invent a new approach! Sometimes it is senseful to replicate an existing idea. Find some approaches on:

2. Team Members
It is always good to find team members. One initiative for young people is to create a "3zeroclub" (12-35 years old): 3 zero means 0 poverty, 0 unemployment, 0 carbon emissions. Groups of five can register as such a club. In terms of an ideal number for groups, "5" is the best and effective number for a group (therefore the Grameen Bank gives loans to women groups of five!).

3. Funding Programmes
If you have decided to start a social business project, you can apply for a funding programme. The website of the Social Enterprise World Forum enlists funding programmes each month: (look for "Opportunities")
Some additional programmes are displayed here:
Finally, you can also place a project of 2000 $ on a crowdfunding platform, such as "viele schaffen mehr" in Germany:

If you do not know, whether to found a social business or a traditional one, here is what social business entrepreneur Muhammad Yunus says:
"Making money makes you happy, but making other people happy makes you supperhappy!"
You might consider his advice after successfully founding social businesses, which he published in one of his books: