Private Institute for Social Business Innovation

Find a list of conferences, some of which can also be attended online and some platforms with further links below:

Skoll Forum, April
The Skoll Forum is a social entrepreneurship conference taking place in Oxford, UK. You can take part in person and online, for the latter you only have to register (no fee).

The AACOSE conference is both for academics and prationeers taking place in Nairobi, Kenya (in 2024). It is an in person conference.

Social Business Day, June
This conference is taking place in person and is organized by the Yunuscentre in Bangladesh. Each year it is taking place somewhere else. The main sessions are streamed online via social media (i.e. youtube). It lasts two days, on the third one the "Academia Dialogue" is taking place preparing the "Social Business Academia Conference" in November (see below):

Social Enterprise World Forum, Sep./Oct.
The SEWF is taking part in September or October, both in person or online. If you take part online, you have to buy a ticket, too (reduced fee). The forum changed its locations all over the world and also hosts other events like the SEWPolicy Forum (October) or celebrates the Social Enterprise Day (November).

Impact Festival, October
The Impact Festival is a conference about social innovations taking place in Frankfurt, Germany, at the end of October. You can buy a ticket to take part in person or a reduced ticket to take part online:

Social Business Academia Conference, November
The Social Business Academia Conference is a social business conference with a focus on research organized by the Yunuscentre. It is usually taking place in November at various locations:

EMES Conference (various months)
EMES is an international research network with the focus on social entrepreneurship and social innovation. It organizes in person conferences once a year at different places. Within the conferences there are sessions including practioneers (Transdisplinary Forum).

More events all over the world can also be found on the website of Pioneers Post (look for "events"):

Events in Germany are enlisted by the platform Forum Nachhaltig Wirtschaften: