The following prayer of request is addressed to the Lapis Healing Master:

I beseech you, Blessed Medicine Guru,
Whose sky-colored, holy body of lapis lazuli
Signifies omniscient wisdom and compassion
As vast as limitless space,
Please grant me your blessings.

I beseech you, Blessed Medicine Guru,
Holding in your right hand the king of medicines
Symbolizing your vow to help all the pitiful sentient beings
Plagued by the four hundred and twenty-four diseases,
Please grant me your blessings.

I beseech you, Blessed Medicine Guru,
Holding in your left hand a bowl of nectar
Symbolizing your vow to give the glorious undying nectar of the dharma
Which eliminates the degenerations of sickness, old age and death,
Please grant me your blessings.



Medicinal Buddha
The medicine Buddha, the Teacher of Medicine and the king of Lapis Lazuli Light (Bhaishajye Guru, Sangya Menlha, Vaidurya Prabha).

His radiant body is azure blue. His left hand is in the meditation mudra and holds a begging bowl full of long life nectar in his lap. As a sign that he gives protection from illness, his right hand is outstretched in the gesture of giving and holds the "great medicine", the myrobalan plant (a-ru-ra).


Following verses is reprint from Chagmed Rinpoche's Hymn in Praise of the Medicinal Buddha


Namo Maha Baishajeya
Refuge to the Great Medicinal Buddha!
Whoever due to wrong ideas and attitudes
Is bound to fall into states of suffering
If he even hears the sound of your sacred name,
He will not be reborn in sorrow
And will reach the state of immaculate Purity.


Medicine Buddha Mantra
" Om Namo Bhagavate Beshajeya Guru Vaidurya Prabha
Rajaya Tathagataya Arahate Samayak Sam Buddhaya
Tadyataya Arahate Samayak Sam Buddhaya Tadyatha
Om Baishajey Baishajeya Maha Baishajeya Baishajeya
Rajaya Samungate Savaha "

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The Mantra word for word

1. OM: We begin with Om the under-current tone of the universe.

2. namo: Means yielding or full of trust also can mean to bend or bow and might mean to melt into.

3. Bhagawate: means in intimate relation to the Divine and often means the entire cosmos

4. Bhaishjaye: a name for the Medicine Buddha

5. Guru: Spiritual Master also means the “that” which transmutes ignorance into wisdom

6. Vaidurya Prabha: Divine deep blue light, like that of Lapis Lazuli.

7. Raja ya: means Great King

8. Tathagataya: means once came or once gone

9. arhate: one who has conquered the cycle of birth death

10. samyaksam buddhaya: perfectly enlightened

11. Teyatha: do it like this

12. OM: Again we begin with Om the under-current tone of the universe

13. Bekhajye bekhajye: do away with the pain of illness

14. Maha bekhajye: do away with the pain of illness (of the darkness of Spiritual Ignorance)

15. raja: means King

16. samudgate: means the supreme heights. Like this, go go go

(my prayer shall go to the highest and the widest and the deepest)

17. svaha: I offer this prayer and now relinquish it … (to you Medicine Buddha)

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